Resume of KWCA Foundation Activities

In continuation of the celebration of the 22nd Foundation Day of KWCA, which was postponed due to typhoon 3-day suspension of classes, the following activities will be held tomorrow (Tuesday, July 14). Still, with REGULAR CLASSES so we won’t have Saturday make-up sessions.

Attire for pre-school and elem pupils:
Makulay Shirt/Maong pants

Bring SMALL BAGS with these books and notebooks:

K2A – Reading/Language
K2B – Science/Filipino
K1A – English
K1B – Math
1H – Math/English
1S – English/AP
2L/K – English/AP
3P/S – Math/English
4R/F – English/Filipino
5G/C – English/HELE
6E/6P – Math/Filipino

For high school:

Wear P.E Uniform and bring ibang classe shirt.
Also, bring the following books:
Grade 7 – Math/Science/AP
Grade 8 – English/Math/Filipino
Grade 9 – Science/Filipino/Math
Grade 10 – Math/Science/Filipino

Bring extra money (to be changed into chits at the business office) for foor booths and other pakulo

God Bless!

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